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About Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity with my views and original ideas. Also, a Bible Commentary which will never be finished but slowly gets longer.

My other website,, with over 350 articles, documents the 25-year evolution of my ideas having commentary on many writings of others. But I got tired of all this historical and scholarly perspective so I started my new website, this one,

97 articles plus Bible commentary.

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My Unique Views & Ideas 

I highlight these everywhere but especially here. Such things as...

  1. My view of the new heavens and new earth
  2. Creation of the universe and earth and humans
  3. The physical realm vs. the spiritual realm and the soul
  4. Literal Bible interpretation
  5. Apostolic teaching and the sources of truth

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Regarding writing style: on occasion I use colons: and ellipses... wrong and violate other rules of grammar and syntax. I do this (usually) on purpose, hopefully to good effect to add a bit of color for an otherwise humorless topic. Regarding "he" vs. "she": I use "they". And I don't like saying "their minds" when each has only one, so I prefer "their mind". (Likewise for "husbands, love your wives".) Also, sentence fragments.