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About Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity with my views and original ideas. Also, a Bible Commentary which will never be finished but slowly gets longer.

In addition to the Bible and the tenets of historical Christianity, I accept these following modern sources of truth as trustworthy: science, psychology, biology, archaeology, history, and scholarship of biblical texts. I reject anything provably wrong, such as: young earth creationism, that 2 to 3 million Israelites wandered through the barren desert without manna to feed their livestock, and fundamentalist evangelical Protestant doctrines added during the Reformation (and since).

These days I'm exploring what scientists say about consciousness and its link with quantum mechanics. Those who say consciousness is the observer causing wave function collapse (I reject this) inadvertently support that consciousness resides everywhere in the universe. My view is unique.

My other website,, with over 350 articles, documents the 25-year evolution of my ideas having commentary on many writings of others. But I got tired of all this historical and scholarly perspective so I started my new website, this one,

107 articles, plus 20 essays, plus Bible commentary.

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My Unique Views & Ideas 

I highlight these everywhere but especially here. Such things as...

  1. My view of the new heavens and new earth
  2. Creation of the universe and earth and humans
  3. The physical realm vs. the spiritual realm and the soul
  4. Literal Bible interpretation
  5. Apostolic teaching and the sources of truth

The details of my views change over time as I study, but the big picture has become stable. I try to update everything but it is difficult, so some things are dated.

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Regarding writing style: on occasion I use colons: and ellipses... wrong and violate other rules of grammar and syntax. I do this (usually) on purpose, hopefully to good effect to add a bit of color for an otherwise humorless topic. Regarding "he" vs. "she": I use "they". And I don't like saying "their minds" when each has only one, so I prefer "their mind". (Likewise for "husbands, love your wives".) Also, sentence fragments.

Sources & References

I am dedicated to truth and to eradicating untruth. I comment on the Bible and Christian teaching to highlight truths and to point out errors. I trust many of the findings of modern science but agree that many scientists, archaeologists, and scholars are anti-Christian and they not-so-subtly subvert the Bible and Christianity, as do many fundamentalist evangelical Protestants (they don't know they do this).

I am not any of these by occupation: historian, archaeologist, scientist, psychologist, Bible scholar, philosopher — but have a science background and a B.A in Social Science.

I am a philosopher (not affiliated or accredited by anybody). My sources for truth: (1) modern science (but not its assumption of materialism), and (2) Biblical Christianity (not necessarily Protestant or Catholic). The domain of study is Christianity and the Bible.

On my website I have no links to external sources for these reasons: (1) I don't want broken links littering my site and am tired of fixing them all the time, and (2) I don't want to defend the views of the people providing the ideas.

I present ideas that seem plausible, rejecting those that seem wacky or weird, and generally reject conspiracy theories (but do consider them). For some of the ideas I present, I believe they are true, for others I have no idea. In my Bible Commentary I assess the text using my methodology of interpretation. I am not a theologian nor Bible scholar and do not know Hebrew or Greek.

I always favor accepting the Bible accounts as true historical facts. I only reject this with significant evidence.

Some of the controversial views I present...

  1. Some Bible books or sections of books are fiction.
  2. The crossing of the Red Sea (if it occurred) was at the south end of the Gulf of Aqaba.
  3. The first 9 plagues of Moses were familiar occurrences to the Egyptians; at least in their tradition — they had happened before.
  4. There were not 2 or 3 million Israelites wandering around the desert for 40 years.
  5. Mt. Sinai was in Arabia, not the Sinai Peninsula.
  6. Noah's flood was local, not global.
  7. About creationism, Adam, pain and suffering before the fall, the flood, the Nephilim, etc.
  8. Timeline of historical events after Abraham:

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