Who, what, and why 

I'm a born-again, radically-saved, on-fire-for-the-Lord Christian; a member of the Catholic Church, in fact, a cafeteria Catholic (but not of the liberal variety).

I am a philosopher (not affiliated or accredited by anybody). My sources for truth: (1) modern science (but not its assumption of materialism), and (2) Biblical Christianity (not necessarily Protestant or Catholic). The domain of study is Christianity and the Bible.

Having studied many topics over the years, I write about my views of Christianity and the Bible.

Categories of topics...

  1. Bible commentary. A lot is done; even more is yet-to-do.
  2. My unique views
  3. Doctrine including Eschatology (End Time Prophecy)
  4. And many more...     


My prayers...

  1. Christianity relevant to the modern culture...
    • Accepting science (except its denial of (1) the non-physical, and (2) its rejection of sin with the need for redemption)
    • Stop trying to impose "Christendom" on others
  2. Christianity embracing all the redeemed; those who will spend eternity in the new heavens and new earth...
    • All "true" Christians = the Church
    • Those currently not Christian, who will at death bend the knee before Jesus
  3. A mass Christian movement expressing these values