God's Ultimate Gift 

In taking on human form, Jesus as deity "deified" human nature. All of us redeemed will each finally enjoy the benefits of this in the new heavens and new earth.

If you object to this idea, consider: why would a holy God inhabit the physical universe, even taking on human nature, without bringing these into his divine nature? Jesus went to all the trouble to be born of a virgin, this, because his interaction with the physical realm in his incarnation expressed his divinity.

Deification — two aspects...

  1. In taking on human nature in the incarnation, Christ deified human nature incorporating it into God's nature.
  2. In receiving the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the redeemed Christian enjoys participation in the Trinity, in the divine nature.

Note: I am not referring to the Mormon teaching that humans can become gods just as Jesus is god. Mormons are simply mistaken in their views about Jesus. The true view: Jesus is the second person of the Trinity, uncreated deity, the Creator of all things.

Two aspects of deification...

  1. In the incarnation and resurrection, Jesus took on human nature as part of God's nature; he deified human nature.
  2. In receiving the gift of redemption through Christ and ultimately spending eternity in the new heavens and new earth, redeemed humans are "deified", that is to say, we take on God's nature, the deified human nature, as our own nature. We always remain created creatures and we never become the Creator God.

In the new heavens and new earth we will enjoy the full benefits of this deification of human nature. Thus, we will become deified. This does not mean we become God; we will always remain created creatures, always human, never deity.

In the incarnation, in taking on human form, Jesus as second person of the Trinity was capable of experiencing suffering. Thus, he absorbed human nature into God's nature; he deified human nature.

The idea of deification is based on the teaching of the Orthodox (eastern) Church.