Are Works part of Salvation? 

In emphasizing the role of faith, many Christians claim works have no role whatsoever in salvation. But I should mention: even these certainly agree Christians should perform works pleasing to God — no serious Christian thinks we should sin to our hearts' content.

There are many Bible verses clearly demonstrating works have a role in salvation. I wonder how it is possible to deny it?

It is clearly wrong to say we are saved by works only, although, according to the Bible, we are judged by our works. Sadly, many rude and uncultured fundamentalist evangelical Protestants claim the Catholic Church teaches salvation by works only, but this is a boldfaced lie. Shame on them!

Regarding faith vs. works, here are the errors, clearly provable as errors from the Bible...

  1. (It is an error) we are saved by works only.
  2. (It is an error) works have no role in salvation.
  3. (It is an error) we are not judged based on our works.

Here are the true statements, clearly provable from the Bible...

  1. We are not saved by works only.
  2. Works do have a role in salvation.
  3. We are judged based on our works, Christians as well as non-Christians.
  4. Faith is the key ingredient in salvation, but must be mingled with works of repentance to properly be considered as saving faith.

Surprisingly, many fundamentalist evangelical Protestants do believe items 2 and 3 of the provably wrong statements above, and don't believe three of the provably true statements (5, 6, and 7), even though the Bible clearly states otherwise. It's hard to imagine why.

Here's what probably happened. The Protestant Reformation released pent-up anger in those tired of being treated like children by the Catholic bishops. In their zeal to break free from the bonds of Catholic repression, they got carried away and rejected too much. They were obsessively driven and blinded by their anti-Catholic bias and couldn't think straight. That was 500 years ago. But even now, in spite of claiming to reject human traditions, they still, into the present day like lemmings, all follow along with these unbiblical human traditions. Break free, people! You claim the Bible is your final authority; believe what it says!

Anyway, here are some articles with an abundance of Bible quotes proving I'm right about all this.

I believe there is a moment in time for every person after their death (or as they are dying) in which Jesus reveals himself and the gospel to them and they choose to follow him or to reject him.