Various topics

All these essays address some aspect of Christianity.

 Start Here — A brief description of the audience of this website (those who accept modern science as a source of truth and wish to embrace Christianity) with overview of what they can find here.

Philosophy and Science

 The Universe as a Playground — The nature of the physical universe. Is it a virtual reality?

 Math and Mind — Why does physical reality conform so readily to mathematical descriptions of it?

 The Physical Realm — What is it? I know the answer.

 True Christian Philosophy — Interactions between Christianity and philosophy.

 Randomness — Where God and souls interact with the physical world via quantum mechanics.

 Conscious Experience — What is it?

 Atheism — Can't prove God exists. Science vs the Spiritual Realm. Does Religion Harm Society?

 Young Earth — Just plain bad science. Literal Genesis. Weird Science.

Bible and Christianity

 Creative Spirit — Alternative to dictation theory of inspiration of the Bible.

 Memory — Our memory plays tricks on us. When the writers of the New Testament experienced this, are these to be called errors?

 Fiction — Critics call them errors. I call it fiction.

 The Dictation Theory — You have to accept this view if you want to consider the Bible as inerrant. I know, I didn't believe it at first either.

 The Red Letters — Are the words in red in a red letter Bible the word-for-word sayings of Jesus? If so, we should consider how the writers learned of them. If not, how can we know what Jesus really taught?

 Faith and Works — How are we saved? Kinds of works. Not saved by works only.

 The Bible — Inspired, inerrant, infallible.

Society and Civilization

 The End of the World — About eschatology and global warming.

 Engage the Culture — Don't alienate them. Discrediting the gospel. True Apostolic Christianity. Against Religion. Who is offended? Historical Abuses. Progressive Liberalism. Truth to humans.

 Politics — The Christian Right. Fear of Government. Control the Culture. Constitution over Bible.

 Their own worst enemy — Conservative Christians discredit the gospel. What would Jesus do? Give them no excuse. Healing the Culture.