The realm of life 

Christians teach of all this, of a spiritual realm inhabited by angels and demons. But they haven't followed it to its natural conclusion, instead mixing up the physical body with the soul and spirit, blaming the body for their sins. And some think the new heavens and new earth is in heaven. Weird.

Christians admit of such a thing as the spiritual realm; the place of angels and demons, but often unsure of...

  1. Does God reside in the spiritual realm?
  2. Is heaven the same thing as the spiritual realm?
  3. Do human souls reside in the spiritual realm?
  4. What about the word "flesh"? is it in the spiritual realm or the physical realm?
  5. Is the new heavens and new earth in the spiritual realm (heaven) or the physical realm (earth)?

My answers...

  1. The physical realm is inert, lifeless, containing only matter, energy, and the laws of nature.
  2. The spiritual realm contains everything living, as souls.
  3. The spiritual realm contains things such as symbols which are also living (but not self-aware).
  4. Creatures having a physical body also have a soul. This includes animals and probably the universe itself.
  5. Creatures having a physical body also have a corresponding spiritual body. We become aware of this spiritual body in dreams. We may have multiple spiritual bodies, each in its distinct spiritual realm. (I am not promoting the New Age movement or eastern philosophy with their astral and causal planes and such.)
  6. The spiritual body connects with the physical body via the senses and other aspects of the nervous system, perhaps via quantum mechanics, allowing the soul to direct the movement of the physical body.
  7. Spiritual beings can influence the physical realm, such things as apparitions and miraculous events.
  8. We will be in the same condition in the new heavens and new earth as we are today; a soul with a physical body connected via the senses and other aspects of the nervous system.
  9. The flesh resides in the spiritual realm.
  10. The physical body cannot sin; the soul empowering the body to action is what sins.
  11. Thus, the Christian emphasis that the body is bad is misguided. This idea was borrowed early on from Greek philosophy (Aristotle and Plato).
  12. Likely there are many levels and aspects to the spiritual realm. One example of the highest level is: that place were God dwells, where God is in his very being, inaccessible to humans.
  13. The lake of fire is a place in the spiritual realm.
  14. The physical body simply cannot reside in the spiritual realm; thus, the resurrected body of Jesus does not exist at this time, in 2017 A.D. (since he is heaven).
  15. At this time we are mostly blind to the goings-on of our soul in the spiritual realm.
  16. After death the soul will no longer receive new information (which it stores as memories) from the body but will continue to interact with other souls in the spiritual realm. However, the soul will have access to past memories of bodily activities. (Also, it will grieve over bad deeds performed in the past — this is purgatory — and it will long to again reunite with its body in the new heavens and new earth).
  17. Souls can appear as ghosts. This is similar to apparitions.
  18. The soul of Samuel appeared to Saul.
  19. Wicked spirits can inhabit (possess) the physical bodies of creatures including humans. They have been doing this from the beginning. In doing so, they take on the form of the creature they inhabit. This is why demons look like grotesque animals; they have possessed many animals.
  20. The soul has various attributes and drives: such things as consciousness, love, emotion, will, intelligence, self-preservation, propagation, and many more. Not all souls have every possible attribute. Bacteria, for example, do not experience emotion. If the universe has a soul it likely possesses only the attribute of being.
  21. Heaven refers merely to certain higher levels of the spiritual realm.
  22. Memories reside in the spiritual realm and are never lost to the soul.
  23. Purgatory is merely a place in the spiritual realm where the soul works out its attachments and memories, becoming suitable for eternity in the new heavens and new earth.
  24. Instincts are an example of the soul controlling the physical body using knowledge and information not possessed by the body nor learned by the body. The information is pre-programmed into the soul.
  25. The development of each creature from a single cell uses a map to guide key "decision" points, probably via quantum mechanics. In other words, there is more than merely the chromosomes and genes involved; there are components from the spiritual realm. This is not the same thing as the forms of Plato and Aristotle.


I suspect there is no randomness in nature; that all things called random are actually controlled by spirits from the spiritual realm who choose using their free will. This includes: collapse of wave function in quantum mechanics, the weak force of physics, chaos theory, genetic mutations, things described by probability distributions, etc. Three examples...

  1. When the quantum mechanics wave function collapses for an electron, its location and other measured properties are chosen by entities in the spiritual realm, not by randomness. Thus, purposeful consciousness guides and controls the operation of the physical universe.
  2. When a radioactive particle decays, sending a gamma ray which mutates a gene; the timing and energy and direction were chosen by entities in the spiritual realm, not by randomness. Thus, evolution is guided.
  3. When someone places a bet at a roulette wheel, whether or not they win is chosen by entities in the spiritual realm, not by randomness. I am not recommending people do this since these spiritual entities are usually malevolent, seeking to harm people.

In all these cases, the choices made by the entities in the spiritual realm are constrained by the probability distributions involved; they've got to make the math work out over the long run.

In this current universe having influence by the powers of darkness, randomness results both in blessings, as well as in pain and suffering. Good and bad are both warring for control; prayer influences which dominates in various situations.

My Creative Frames theory provides an easy explanation for how the entities in the spiritual realm can affect the universe to cause random events to occur.